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New nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service is here

​What is Sky Muster™?
The nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service is being deployed in Australia to provide regional and remote Australians with access to fast and affordable broadband.
This will help connect the digital divide between the country and the city.

Why would I benefit from Sky Muster™?

The service will deliver a revolution in broadband connectivity, having a powerful effect on how students learn in regional and remote Australia.
Many connectivity challenges such as not being able to access online lessons, or constantly suffer frustrating drop outs that cause disjointed online lessons are faced by students who don’t go to a regular school.
The Long Term Satellite Service (LTSS) allows users to access distance education services without impacting their home broadband quotas.
Students who attend a Queensland Department of Education School of Distance Education or a Queensland Department of Education recognised non-government School of Distance Education and are identified as geographically isolated are eligible. Unfortunately, it will not be available for students who attend school in person.
Remote students using a Sky Muster™ service may have access to more generous data allowances. Additionally, nbn™ is planning Sky Muster™ services targeted to support video conferencing and multiple students in home classrooms.

How do I get Sky Muster™?

You may be approved to access the Sky Muster™ service if you are:
  • a school-aged student (K-12);
  • study or obtain your education remotely via programs such as School of the Air and Distance Education;
  • have been identified as geographically isolated;
  • have been issued with a student ID number; and
  • situated in an area that is eligible for a satellite connection
  • situated in an area that is eligible for a satellite connection
  • are situated in an area that is eligible for a satellite connection.
Distance education students may be able to access a priority installation of their new nbn™ Sky Muster service. You still need to apply for your Sky Muster service via an Internet Service Provider of your choice.  Assistance will be provided through the Isolated Children’s Parent’ Association. Find more information on the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association website.

Can I learn more about Sky Muster™?

More comprehensive information about the Sky Muster™ Educational Services can be found on the following websites: