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QSchools App


The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about Capricornia School of Distance Education and other Queensland State Schools.

The app is designed to integrate with Websites for Schools websites and is automatically updated when a school updates their website with the latest news, newsletters, events and information.

App users can also access tuckshop and uniform shop information, class times and school social media pages that are available on the school's website.

Emergency announcements, such as information about natural disasters and school closures, are published via the app.

The app is particularly useful to parents who have students in different schools, as the app manages updates from multiple schools in a single view.

All Queensland state schools are searchable via the app, however only schools who have upgraded their school website with Websites for Schools will benefit from all the features of the app.

Find out more about QSchools and download the app today.