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Seed Magic at Mini-school


​Investigating how seeds grow was the highlight for the Year Three students.

With careful guidance from Miss Backen (wearing her special lab coat, of course) the children ‘planted’ grass seeds in a 30cm stocking partially filled with potting mix.

The ‘seed heads’ were decorated with a range of items to make eyes, a nose, a mouth and cheeks. After adding 50ml of water to a plastic cup, the ‘seed head’ was set snuggly into the cup, allowing the stocking ‘tail’ to dangle in the water. Because it was quite hot, they sprayed the top of the head with water to dampen the soil, just to get the ‘magic’ moving. The children needed to measure the amount of water absorbed every day and add enough water to keep the amount at 50ml.

In Week 6 the students had already achieved some fantastic results. A few of these seed heads have already needed a ‘hair-cut’!