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Surfs Up!

‘Let’s go surfing!’
It was time to make some waves. I was so eager to try surfing for a long time and now on our Year 7 CSDE camp I had the opportunity. As I love to water ski and I am pretty good on a one ski I thought that the concept of surfing might be the same. How very wrong was I.
With the sun having not long risen over the seaside streets of the 
Gold Coast, we all pulled up and piled out of the bus to meet our two instructors John  and Mark on the beach front ready to teach us how to surf. After an introduction they took us all down to the water’s edge and on the sand; several surfboards were laid out end for end. Then the instructors showed us the 5 steps to getting up on a surfboard. Balance and technique was the key. After ten minutes of lying on the board and jumping up and down in the sand, the instructors gave everyone the go ahead to hit the water. When we were given this chance to go out into the water to try and surf, there was nothing that sounded more exciting. In our red surf shirts and board shorts I was beaming and enthusiastic as we made our way to the shore. I was pumped!
By my side were my friends and all I was thinking about was how lucky I was to get this chance. The swell was excellent and some were bigger than others, waves breaking on top of each other. We watched the waves and tried to find the perfect wave. Now it was my turn. With a jolt, my board pushed forward, I felt the board catch the wave and I knew I had it. I pushed my hands down on the board and popped myself to my feet… I was UP! The feeling of riding a wave is something I’ve never experienced. I then glanced up and saw the instructors clapping and the teachers cheering behind me.  I managed to be the first one up, I was extremely proud of myself. It was like I was gliding through the air and I didn’t want it to end, but the moment it did I knew that surfing was something I wanted to try again. 
Everyone had such an excellent time surfing, when the instructors called time we wanted to stay, but we collected our surfboards, and made our way back to the beach. I don’t see myself becoming a serious surf fanatic. However it’s a great sport that involves balance, concentration and fitness. My first outing as a surfer was a successful one, and definitely not the last.
Surf up, everyone!


Max Dennis Yr 7