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1. Student Support

WHAT are Multi-age Focus Classes?
· DAILY timetabled class groupings for Maths, English and Literacy Intervention
· Taught by the Support Team
· Maths and English curriculum access only
· Daily Inclusion of a Literacy Intervention program (E.g.  PAL, MacqLit, Guided reading)
· Same teacher for both Maths and English lessons
· Small groups of 6 to 9 similar age peers where possible.
BENEFITS of a Multi-age Focus Class:
· EXPLICIT teaching of a modified English and Maths curriculum
· Strong student and staff relationship as taught by one teacher
· A supportive and structured learning space
· Focus on essential skills needed for real-life learners
· Simplifying communication between Home Tutor and teacher
· Opportunities for students to socialise with peers
· Alignment of the curriculum from year to year
· Clear structured learning pathway in preparation for post school
· Boost in Literacy skills
· Consistent timetable with one teacher – daily lessons
· Lessons recorded and able to be revisited as needed.
STRUCTURE of a Multi-age Focus Class:
· New class names and lesson codes
· Lessons Monday to Friday
· Lessons commencing daily at 8:45am
· DAILY Timetabled Lessons of
-  1hr Literacy Intervention
-  ½ hr English
-  1hr Maths lesson
· Daily additional curriculum tasks to be completed when not on timetabled lessons.
Multi-age Focus Class ‘EXPECTATIONS’ STUDENTS are EXPECTED to:
· ATTEND DAILY -  Multi-age classes have the SAME ATTENDENCE AND ASSESSMENT EXPECTATIONS as students in regular classes
· CLASS PARTICIPATION -  use of chat box to communicate, acknowledgement of teacher instructions
· COMPLETE set work tasks during timetabled lessons
· DAILY PARTICIPATION of additional work tasks set by class teacher
· Completion and submission of all additional learning tasks.
· Ensure your student has DAILY ATTENDANCE for all classes including Literacy Intervention classes
· CORRECT MATERIALS and LEARNING TOOLS available for the student at all times
· ACTIVELY SUPPORT and SUPERVISE student during timetabled lesson and curriculum task time
· MONITOR the student’s participation and class interactions
· CONTACT class teacher if student is ABSENT
· COMMUNICATE concerns (either by phone or email) to the class teacher as soon as possible.


Scope of Policy
· Attendance is expected to attend all scheduled lessons
· Applies to all school assessments and send in tasks, for all subjects
· If a student does not attend a scheduled lesson, the school requires notification from a parent/carer.
· If a student is not in attendance at a scheduled lesson and there is no explanation for their absence and email / SMS will be sent to the parent/guardian of that student.
Responsibilities of Students
· Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons
· Students are expected to submit all send-in work tasks (by due date on task sheet).
Responsibilities of Home Tutors / Parents
· Ensure students are attending and actively engaging in scheduled lessons and returning work task.
· Provide current contact details – mobile telephone and email to enable effective notification.
· Phone the Emerald or Rockhampton Campus main number or email their class teacher prior to any planned absences
· Provide an explanation (preferably in writing for each absence, either the day before or on the day of absences)
· Discuss with teachers concerns or issues around returning work completed on time.

Attendance and Assessment Policy Flow Chart.pdf