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There are two types of enrolment at Capricornia School of Distance Education

  1. School based students. This caters for students enrolled in another school but needing to enrol with Capricornia SDE for one or more subjects. These students are enrolled by their base school.  
  2. Home based students who enrol with Capricornia SDE for all their studies.​


The Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 states that that students must be an Australian resident or citizen or a child of an Australian permanent resident or citizen (visa restrictions apply).   

Capricornia School of Distance Education offers a range of services to students to meet varied educational needs.  Being a ‘school of choice’ enrolment fees apply unless a student demonstrates eligibility for an exemption or waiver (full or partial) by satisfying specific criteria outlined in the home-based student status nomination form (DOC, 228 KB). Evidence is required to support your claim.

Fee exemption and waiver applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Home-based students may be exempt from paying the enrolment fee for a distance education program on the following grounds:
  • geographic isolation
  • health or medical condition
  • itinerant lifestyle  
  • exclusion or indefinite suspension (including mature age students)
  • family carer responsibilities
  • students in correctional centres.
Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing all relevant information and payment for enrolling students in a SDE.
Principals of schools of distance education are responsible for overseeing the enrolment process, determining the eligibility for fee exemption/waivers/refunds, notification of the decision, ensuring natural justice in the decision-making process, and managing invoicing and payment processes.

School Principals whose students undertake subjects through an SDE are responsible for completing and submitting all relevant information and providing a suitable learning environment, resources and support for students.

Parents, Guardians and Home Tutors
  • Complete the home-based student status nomination form (DOC, 228 KB) for each student and provide evidence to support a fee exemption or waiver, where appropriate.
  • Pay an annual fee, if applicable.
  • Provide access to necessary course materials and appropriate technology for the student.
  • Provide active on-site support including monitoring regular return of work.
  • Maintain close contact with teachers.
  • Ensure regular attendance by students at scheduled lessons.
  • Pay ongoing telephone conferencing costs.
  • Where appropriate, complete the refund application form.
Principals of non-state schools
  • Complete the relevant SDE enrolment form and submit before day 8 of the school year or one month before the commencement of the second semester. 
  • Complete the non-state school waiver application form if required, including evidence that fees have been paid in full and evidence to support the application under s54 of the Act.
  • Complete the non-state school student refund application form if requesting a part refund of the fee, before the end of Semester 1, stating the reasons for the application and the date enrolment ceased.
  • Advise student applicants of the outcomes of waiver and refund decisions, and retain associated documentation.
  • Provide a suitable learning environment for the student.
  • Provide a school study coach for active on-site student support including monitoring regular return of work.
  • Maintain close contact with SDE teachers through the non-state school study coach.