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Our school

History and location

The Capricornia School of Distance Education (CSDE) commenced operation in 1993 as a twin campus, band 9 School. The school shares a site with Denison State School in Emerald and Glenmore State School in Rockhampton. Our Emerald campus caters for students from eKindy to Year 6. Our Rockhampton Campus caters for eKindy to Year 12 students.


Our students are drawn from all over Queensland and are representative of remote, rural and urban environments. Students enrol for a variety of reasons. Geographical isolation, medical, travelling or home based learners are some of the categories of enrolment.

School and community features

Our school enjoys strong parent participation in strategic planning processes, with parents supporting the strategic directions of the school. A range of parent consultative processes operate throughout the school year (usually in conjunction with field service activities) and these are successful in involving the community with the school.

The parents and citizens association (P&C) has links with the Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Associations (QCPCA), the Isolated Children’s Parents Association (ICPA), the Rural and Remote Education Access Program (RREAP) and Volunteers for Isolated Students Education (VISE).


The delivery of curriculum occurs through print and digitised materials, which are supported with core resources. Further curriculum delivery is achieved through teleteaching lessons, face to face contact and field services (e.g. home visits and inreach or minischool activities).

Home teachers play a significant role in delivering the educational programs, working with students and their teachers in partnership to produce quality educational outcomes.

Field services

At our school we do our very best to ensure every student is given the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts. We hold an annual awards day in term 4 each year. Awards day proceedings alternate each year between the Emerald and Rockhampton campuses. We also hold an annual swimming and athletics carnival.  

A program of inreach activities provides face to face contact between students and teachers. This allows for direct learning and teaching experiences. Part of this program is our term Mini-schools where students have a chance to work with their peers and teachers on site for a week. As part of our field services program we hold cluster visits where we take school to a cluster of students in a regional area.  Teachers also make home visits to students if required.